Autumn in Aosta Valley

Autumn is started and I believe that you are start thinking about your next holidays. So maybe you are looking for a nice place where to ski but it’s early. Italy offers a lot of wonderful places for your holidays even when winter season is not started yet. Today I want to show you one of this.

Valle d’Aosta is the most north-west region of Italy, very famous for the Mont Blanc tunnel but not only.

This region offers a lot in terms of winter holidays. I’m talking about ski. But today I want to talk about something else.

Aosta is the only province that you can find in Valle d’Aosta, or Vallée d’Aoste because in this region they speak also Franch, not only italian language, and it’s a nice city with a very beautiful centre that it is worth to walk trough. A lot of restaurants and small shops selling typical regional product are in the centre.

A few regional product that you can find in Valle d’Aosta is a very nice wine – one in particular is the Chaudelune Vin de Glace.

The particularity of this wine is made with grape taken from a late harvest. Basically the harvest has taken when the grapes are frozen because of the temperature. The wine is really amazing!


In Valle d’Aosta, in September, you can find the grapes feast in Chambave and Donnas, two small town in the valley.


Usually every month in Italy there are some events everywhere, and here in the valley you can find in september also the apple feast in other two small town – Antey and Gressan.

That is because autumn is the season of harvest, and of picking apples, but not only.


Chestnuts is another fruit that you can find in this period and least but not last two very important product of the valley: Lardo and Fontina.

Lardo is a particular type of salumi made from pig. Maybe you know that the famous one is from Colonnata, but this one is very tasty as well.

Fontina is a particular cheese generally from this region and from the north of Italy. It’s made by cow’s milk and is considered a speciality PDO (Protected designation of origin) from UE.

In the next post we will keep you updated about event in Valle d’Aosta, and we will give you more informations about other wonderful town that you can find in the valley.

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