Italy… General Info

I want to start talking about “Bel Paese” with some normal but important information that I think can help everyone who want to visit this beautiful country.

First of all I want to give you some important phone numbers to call in case of emergency. I know it seems to be useless, and I hope you will never use this number. 112 – This is the number for Carabinieri. 113 – This is the number for Police. In Italy there are more than one police. We have Carabinieri, which is a very old police group. And Police (let’s say the cops). Together with these, you will find another Police group, called municipality police, that takes care about towns. In Italy every small town usually has this municipality police… These guys are the one that gives you the fines in case, for example, you don’t pay the parking fees…So be careful! 118 – this is the number you have to call in case you need an ambulance or even for general emergency. They can provide police as well.

All these police corps are usually very friendly and helpful to strangers. I’m Sure they can help you for every information you need. In case you need some tourist information you will find a lot of “i” point. In these information offices, usually placed in touristy areas, you can find almost everything you need for free. It’s not easy to find someone that speaks English, especially in the small village, but I’m sure that in these offices you will find a lot of young guys ready to help you.

What I usually suggest is to visit Italy by car. And in the following post I will give you some very important information about it.

I don’t want to annoy you with a long post so if you need something just ask… and you will have the answer as soon as possible. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

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