Italian driving

Except if you are visiting only big cities like Rome, Milan, Naples etc, I suggest you to rent a car and drive trough Italy. You can plan your trip to visit a lot of interesting places. Some of ours next post will be dedicated to interesting itineraries from north to south.

It’s not so difficult to drive in Italy. I drove in a very bad and crowded places (like Dubai for example). But some rules can be different in Italy compare to your place.

For example, in Italy you have to keep the car lights on when you drive outside the center of the city, even if you are driving during the day. And if you are using a motorcycle you have to keep your lights on everywhere and every time.

Speed limits in Italy are usually 50 km/h in the center and between 70 and 90 outside, depends on the road. On the highway the limit is 130 km/h.

The system that controls the speed on the highway is called tutor. And it’s not a camera that flashes you in case you drive fast but it’s a system that calculate your average speed.

So, be careful because even if you go slowly under the tutor you can have a fine because you are exceeding the average speed. A lot of people still don’t understand how this system works, and they slow down when they approach tutor. This is completely useless.

Fuel in Italy is expensive. Today it’s around 1.5 € per liter. Diesel cost a little bit less and you will find it around 1.3 €/litre.

Of course fuel on the highway, it’s usually more expensive, that’s why I suggest you to fuel your car when you find a good price just out of the big cities.

Talking about big cities, when you drive close to it, try to park close to the center but do not enter into it. Most of the big cities, in Italy have a traffic restricted area where you need a permit for entry otherwise you will get fine. Usually here areas are marked with ZTL sign, and there are a lot of cameras on the entry road, so it’s not difficult to find it.

Be ready to use coins when you park your car. Yes… in Italy you need to pay your parking fees with coins in most of the parking areas.

In the following post I will try to give you more accurate information about the big Italian cities like Milano, Roma Naples Florence etc.

Venice (Venezia) is a little different because it doesn’t have road. That’s why you need a boat for it… bit I will talk about that wonderful place in a separate section.

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