Italian Breakfast – Colazione

Ok… welcome to Italy…

You wake up for your first morning in Italy and you are ready for breakfast.

First of all Forget your breakfast with eggs, bacon, toasted bread etc… unless you are in a big hotel when they prepared the “continental breakfast “.

In Italy our breakfast is really different. How? Let me explain…

A very common thing is to have breakfast – that we called colazione – in a bar. Even if sound strange, you will see that not everyone has breakfast seated. You will see a lot of people having breakfast standing at the bar in the meantime they talk with the barman. And maybe having just a coffee.

Oh yes… coffee in Italy is a little different… but I will tell you this in a while. So… what is the normal “colazione” for us? Simply: cappuccino e brioche.

Yes. You did the translation correctly. Cappuccino and croissant. You will find a lot of croissants: with jam, with honey, plain, made with whole wheat … and what about cappuccino?

Well… if you stay in a bar for ten minutes during the peak breakfast time you will discover a world… and you will see people asking for cappuccino with warm latte, cappuccino without foam, cappuccino double, latte “macchiato” Latte “macchiato” is different in Italy. it is served in a tall glass, and it’s warm latte or cold, if someone asks for that, and one single espresso.

Oh yes… coffee… I told you that coffee is different in Italy. It is because if you go and ask for a coffee you will have an espresso. And you can have it short or long. But you have to ask for it. Otherwise, you will have it just normal… a little bit short maybe, but definitely not long.

And … it’s different because it’s strong. I remember one day I offered a coffee to an American guy. It was afternoon. Just after lunch. Yes, because in Italy we used to take 2, 3 maybe 4 or more coffee per day. Don’t be surprised if together with the coffee you have a small glass of water. It’s normal and you have to drink it just after the coffee. The day after I invited this guy for a coffee again. We were working together and it’s normal to have a coffee during a break. The answer was so funny. He said: no thanks. I couldn’t sleep all night. I think I don’t drink your coffee anymore.

Anyway… talking about “colazione” not everyone goes to bar. A lot of people of course have breakfast at home. And here sometimes it’s very simple. Latte or “caffelatte” (coffee and milk) and biscuits.

There is a big difference about coffee. People having coffee at home prepare it with “moka”. It’s a typical Italian coffee machine where you put water and coffee and when the water boil you have the coffee ready. Different taste but it’s a really good and strong coffee.

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Now you are ready for your day in Italy!




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