Chimney Sweeper International Meeting

At the beginning of September, like every year in Santa Maria Maggiore, a beautiful town in the northeast part of Piemonte region, there was the chimney sweeper international meeting.


This is a wonderful meeting of chimney sweeper coming from everywhere in the world.

The first time I’ve been to this event, honestly I couldn’t think that there was so may people doing this job nowadays. I though it was an old job that nobody was doing it anymore.


But I was really impressed about these chimney sweeper. Most of them wear with their traditional black uniform and it’s really beautiful to see this parade. Be careful because I’m sure you will have your face dirty with cinders if you stay close to them. They will touch you on purpose just to make fun of you and make your face or your hand a little black.


During this parade, like every year, the chimney sweeper did a kind of demonstration about their job. They went up on a roof to show the people how do they work.

This event of course is not only chimney sweeper, but like every event in Italy it’s also food.

We are in a particular place where there are a lot of typical regional dishes. Well… did you find any place in Italy without typical food?


Let me tell you something about the food here and let me suggest you what do you really have to taste if you are coming to this place.

We are in the north and of course it’s cold weather, especially in the winter. That’s why here one of the best food is Polenta. You know what is it? Follow the link and I will tell you everything about Polenta in the food section of our blog.


Mushroom cannot be missing. Together with polenta you will have Porcini mushrooms or a typical Polenta mixed with cheese called “Polenta taragna”.


This is also the place of one particular ham.

This is not the ham that you are familiar to see. It’s a little different and is called moccetta. What is it? It’s a particular “prosciutto” from this part if Italy, made using goat, pork or game. It’s a very lean meat and the taste is wonderful!


So what can I say… Try not to miss this event next year!


Let me post some pictures so you can have a look how wonderful this event is and maybe you can plan a visit for the next year.

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