Month: September 2017

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A Farm in Milan

Tomorrow is the last day for a big event in Milan - as reported by Skytg24. A big farm in the center of the city. Close to “Sforzesco Castle” in the center of the city you can find a big farm, with vegetable gardens, tractors, animal shelter and a lot of food product. The event is sponsored by Coldiretti and the name is #stocoicontadini.…read more
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Autumn in Aosta Valley

Autumn is started and I believe that you are start thinking about your next holidays. So maybe you are looking for a nice place where to ski but it’s early. Italy offers a lot of wonderful places for your holidays even when winter season is not started yet. Today I want to show you one of this. Valle d’Aosta is the…read more
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A trip in Tuscany

Today I would like to describe a nice trip that you can do in Tuscany, visiting a lot of wonderful places and beautiful landscapes.   I would like to start from Siena, a wonderful city in the center of Tuscany. It is very famous for the Palio, a typical horse ride in the center on the city. The Palio is…read more

Italian driving

Except if you are visiting only big cities like Rome, Milan, Naples etc, I suggest you to rent a car and drive trough Italy. You can plan your trip to visit a lot of interesting places. Some of ours next post will be dedicated to interesting itineraries from north to south. It's not so difficult to drive in Italy. I…read more

Italy… General Info

I want to start talking about "Bel Paese" with some normal but important information that I think can help everyone who want to visit this beautiful country. First of all I want to give you some important phone numbers to call in case of emergency. I know it seems to be useless, and I hope you will never use this number. 112 - This…read more

Italian Breakfast – Colazione

Ok... welcome to Italy... You wake up for your first morning in Italy and you are ready for breakfast. First of all Forget your breakfast with eggs, bacon, toasted bread etc... unless you are in a big hotel when they prepared the "continental breakfast ". In Italy our breakfast is really different. How? Let me explain... A very common thing…read more

Italian Food

As you know Italy is very famous for its food. And maybe you are planning a trip to Italy just because you want to eat something very good. In the following post I will try to give you as much information as I can, regarding food. Where to go for nice pasta? What do I have to eat in this…read more
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Chimney Sweeper International Meeting

At the beginning of September, like every year in Santa Maria Maggiore, a beautiful town in the northeast part of Piemonte region, there was the chimney sweeper international meeting.   This is a wonderful meeting of chimney sweeper coming from everywhere in the world. The first time I’ve been to this event, honestly I couldn’t think that there was so…read more